Our Passion

Que & Hollar has been a passion that has developed over 30 years.  Having lived, worked and vacationed in the USA for many years, I was lucky enough to sample some of the best low and slow bbq and flamed grilled steaks from New York to San Francisco.   

As John Lennon sang 'Life is what happens when your busy making other plans' and I decided to turn that passion and ability to create great low and slow bbq into Que & Hollar.  

Our Name

The name is a little play on words and bad spelling!  Que is the short name sometimes used for BBQ or as its a food trailer queuing up.  Hollar is an old Kentucky slang word for yell or down the road, now a days we spell it in the UK as Holler. 

Our Food

Our food is based on American smoked BBQ from Memphis, Texas and Buffalo.  We smoke our food up to 12 hours at very low temperatures over real oak, cherry, hickory and mesquite, to provide that fall off the bone authentic smoked taste and throw in our own little twists to make it our own.    Why are we different? Because its real home made food, no boiled ribs cooked in an oven or re heated under a grill or BBQ sauce with fake smoke flavour added that is not real American smoked BBQ.   Our Street Food Menu is selected from some of the dishes below & once Covid is over we can start catering for small parties and personal events.. 

Our Responsibility

We source our meats locally from farmers around our home, visiting the farms seeing how the animals are kept and being happy that the animals are happy.   It matters in the end because you will taste it.    We also try as much as possible not to use anything with palm oil and provide biodegradable serving boxes & cutlery. 


Butt Rubbed

(Pulled Pork, bun, slaw, pickle & Memphis BBQ sauce)

Naked Butt Rub

(No Bun)

Smoked Pork Taco with pineapple Chipotle salsa

(two soft flour tacos )


(Two toasted flour tortilla wraps filled with pulled pork, cheddar cheese, grilled onions, peppers, refried beans and bbq sauce with a chipotle mayo)


16 hour Brisket

(Smoked whole Brisket sliced by the 1/4 pound)

Beer n Onion Pulled Brisket

(Smoked Brisket braised  in beer & smoked beef stock in bun with slaw, pickled sweet red onions & JD & Coke BBQ Sauce)

Tex Mex Chilli Nachos

(Pulled Brisket Chilli over corn nachos, smothered in nacho cheese sauce, topped with onions, tomatoes, guacamole & sour cream)


Buffalo Wings 

(5 smoked chicken wings, in buttery hot sauce with blue cheese sour cream dip)

BBQ Maple Glaze

(5 smoked chicken wings, in our own BBQ Maple Glaze)

Smoked Half Chicken with Potato Salad Side

Smoked Lamb Taco with apple mint slaw & peach bbq sauce

(two soft flour tacos)

Smoked Buffalo Chicken bun

Smoked chicken with buffalo sauce and a blue cheese slaw.


Que 321 Ribs

(Baby back ribs smoked for 6 hours served Kansas style with mop of honey bbq sauce)

Belly Rib

(cut from the Belly rack single large pork rib)

Beef Rib

(single long bone beef rib slow cooked for 9 hours)

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