"Que & Hollar comes from a little play on words, Que for BBQ or queuing up and Hollar is an old Kentucky word for yell (now holler). "


Pigs have run in the family for nearly 75 years.  My Father in Law (pictured above in the waistcoat) bred and showed championship winning pigs in the 50s.  Although a tattie roguer across Scotland by trade, he had a great love of pigs.  Today our pork comes from local Essex butchers and farms.   



As a boy I spent many summers with pigs and cows at the local farm but my true appreciation of them came later in life. Smoking meat became a passion and having spent some time living and working in the US, eventually turned that passion into Que & Hollar.  Self taught, quality is key and treating our British meat with respect,  so everything is handmade from buns, sauces, rubs and tending to the live fire smoking pit.



Que & Hollar is a street food truck serving markets, events and private functions across Essex.  We want to emulate the best American live fire smokehouses.  Our food is all handmade,  bbq sauces, rubs (all 3 and one of them is salt and pepper!), slaw, potato salad, pit beans and of course hand cooked meat.    Smoking meat is not set and forget, brisket and pork smokes for up to 12 hours tended hourly.  

Our meat comes from Wick Farm MeatsMeat & Cleaver